Work-related injuries are more common than you think. Most times, they are unavoidable, so learning about the causes can help you take necessary precautions to avoid them when possible. If you unfortunately enter a work-related event causing you injuries or illness, knowing your rights will benefit you. While you consider hiring a workers' compensation lawyer, look into some valuable pieces of information.

Top Causes for Work-Related Injuries

Exposure to Harmful Substances:

It is perhaps the most common cause of work-related injuries and illnesses. It was once the sixth-ranked but rose to the top cause, followed by physical overexertion and slips, trips, and falls.

Exposure to harmful substances includes exposure to electricity, radiation, extreme temperatures, oxygen deficiency, trauma, etc.


Manually handling and lifting heavy objects at work is risky, usually causing overexertion. Labor positions often expect heavy lifting, pulling, carrying, or lowering objects, so it cannot be avoided.

These jobs can cause sprains, strains, herniated discs, hernia, and other injuries. Many workers sustain severe back, neck, and shoulder injuries at work.

Slips, Trips, and Falls:

These comprise many work-related injuries. 2020 data suggests that industries like agriculture, transportation, and warehousing are highly risky because any worker may trip, slip, or fall and suffer an injury.

Common injuries caused by these jobs include muscle tears, strains, sprains, and sometimes, broken bones.

Faulty Equipment:

Many workplaces do not maintain or repair equipment and tools, which carries substantial risks. In the case of an equipment failure, workers suffer serious work accidents, significantly injuring themselves.

Workplace injuries can result from outdated equipment lacking safety features. Business owners must perform regular inspections and maintenance to prevent a mishap. If you have experienced something of the sort, call a San Gabriel Valley workers' compensation lawyer.

Transportation Accidents:

Some workers need to travel or transport things from one place to another. They are susceptible to accidents, which may not always happen on the road but in work environments like manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and construction sites.

These can lead to severe injuries or even catastrophes like the loss of limbs or even death, something even affecting nearby workers. Mechanical failure, speeding, poor visibility, and many more reasons contribute to these occurrences.


These are the five most common work-related injuries you must watch out for. If you or your loved one has injured themselves at work, but the employer won't budge, call your San Gabriel Valley workers' compensation lawyer to get the desired compensation for your physical, mental, and financial loss.

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